DCW Mostaganem

To supervise the activities both of the control that the commercialorganization, the direction of trade has manpower and equipment,following the significant efforts made by the central administration, in recent years. It is thus the direction has 86 officers responsible for business practicesand the repression of fraud control. The direction also has four (04) inspections territorial trade at the levelof the district capitals of: Sidi Ali, Bouguirat, Achaacha and Ain Tadeles in plus two (02) inspections of border control, port of Mostaganem, and port dry. It should be noted that the majority of policymakers are newly installedwith the exception of an Office Manager, which gave a new dynamic inthe management and encouraged the spirit of initiative among thesenew frameworks. With regard to the implementation of the programme outlined by thetrade branch on the follow-up of specific investigations, officialsidentified for monitoring of these investigations with the assistance andsupervision of their first Manager. It is worth noting, that the direction of trade organizes daily fifteen (15)of the coordination meetings with all heads of departments and headsof territorial trade inspections. These meetings are raised and discussed problems and obstacles thatcan met screening officers. For the realization of monitoring missions entrusted the Direction ofWilaya of Mostaganem trade works closely with security (police-gendarmerie) and local government services.