The main tasks of the Board of trade revolve around 03 major axes:
Actions affect all sectors of the economic sphere in which activate:
Operators operating in production.
Operator activating in import/export.
Agents activating in wholesale trade.
Operators operating in retail trade.
Agents activating in services.
It is also responsible for:
to ensure the application of the legislation and regulations relating tointernational trade, business practices, competition, Trade Organization,the protection of the consumer and the repression of fraud;
to contribute to the implementation of the system of information onthe situation of the market, in association with the national informationsystem;
to propose all measures to legislative and regulatory relating toexercise and the Organization of regulated professions;
to propose all measures aimed at improving the conditions of creation,planning and commercial and professional activities;
to contribute to the development and animation of any organization orassociation whose purpose is in relation to its prerogatives;
to implement any device stopped by the central administration,managerial and export promotion;
to propose all measures which could have the effect the promotion ofexports;
to coordinate and facilitate the activities of the structures andintermediate spaces with missions for the promotion of external trade;
to contribute to the development of the system of information relatingto external trade;
to implement the program of economic control and repression of fraudand to propose all measures for the development and strengthening ofthe oversight function;
to ensure, in collaboration with relevant structures, the implementationof intersectoral action programmes.
to support the monitoring of litigation related to its activities.