History and Geography

1- History and Geography:

1-1 History:

MUSTAGHANIM would consist of two separate terms :

MACHTA (winter station) and GHANEM (rich breeder of sheep).

MOSTAGANEM: MARSA HAMUDI it means the port of booty

MOSTAGANEM: would the MISK EL GHANEM it means abundance of flocks. Finally, for some historians of antiquity is rather a Roman seaport «MURUSTAGA».

The region of Mostaganem was the home of the zenete population of Maghrawa tribes during the middle ages, it was part of the towns of this confederation whose territory is the Dahra. In 1082, prince Almoravide Youssef Ibn Tachfin built a fort called "Bordj El – Ahmed", the ancient Citadel of Mostaganem. The city later belonged to the another of Tlemcen and the Marinids of Fez, fell into the power of the Merinids in 1200. One of them, Abu-Einan, had built the Tobana mosque in 1342.

In 1511, the Spanish imposed the inhabitants of Mostaganem a Treaty of capitulation. To prevent this occupation the Ottomans captured the city in 1516. After years of resistance, residents appealed to Kheir Ed-DIN Barbarossa with the help of which they inflicted to the Spaniards a serious defeat by Mazaghran. Mostaganem then came under the rule of the Ottomans, it was enlarged and fortified by Kheir Ed Dine

In 1830 the town was held by a garrison of hundreds of Turks in the pay of the France.

In 1848, the town of Mostaganem is created with the schedules of Mazagran, Oureah and Kharrouba. The Decree of 27 July 1848 criminalizes Mostaganem subprefecture.

Ten years after independence, the urbanization of the city has been relatively slow. Only a few projects were completed as the seat of the wilaya, equipped with a Moorish architecture.

In the 1970s, Mostaganem has benefited from an urban planning program that will trace the broad guidelines of its urban expansion, salamander a seaside South West from the city centre, became a district of the city, South extension of urbanization created a junction with Mazagran.

1 - 2 - geography:

Mostaganem lies 104 meters above sea level on the edge of a coastal plateau. The city contemplates West wide Arzew Bay that ends the Jebel Orousse. Considered port town of the Mediterranean, located north-west of Algeria, 363 km to the West of Algiers, covers an area of 2269 Km2, with a number of inhabitants of 807.518 in 2010. Made up of 10 district and 32 communes.

Different Dairates and Communes:





Hassi Maameche

Hassi Mameche,MazagranStidia.

Ain Tedles

Ain TedlesSourSidi BelattarOued El Kheir.



Sidi Ali

Sidi AliOuled MaallahTazgait.


AchaachaKhadraNekmariaOuled Boughalem.

Ain Nouissi

Aïn Nouïssy,El HassaineFornaka.


MesraAïn Sidi CherifMansourah,Blad Touahria.

Sidi Lakhdar

Sidi LakhdarHadjadj,Abdelmalek Ramdane.


KheireddineAin BoudinarSayada.

The territory of the commune of Mostaganem is located west of the wilaya, 363 km to the West of Algiers, at 89 km east of Oran, 48 km from Arzew and a81 km north of Mascara. Mostaganem lies 104 meters above sea level on the edge of a coastal plateau. The city contemplates West wide Arzew Bay that ends the Jebel Orousse.

Equipped with a 124 Km coastline, its beaches are of the most beautiful of Algeria offering a contrast rarely found in the same region: Rocky, Sandy, forest: they are coveted every summer by thousands of vacationers offering a menu to multiple choice.

its arid semi temperate winter climate marked in addition to its enchanting coastline, with the majestic beauty and magical framework afforded by nature to the visitor, by a landscape or follow the mountainous landforms, rivers, Plains, and forests.