2017 solde period

 The Direction of trade of the wilaya of Mostaganem invites all traders wishing to sold their products to filing their applications for authorization from service of the observation of the market and economic information.
In accordance with the Decree of wilaya N° 3476 of 15/12/2015 setting the period allowed for sold, promotional sales and sales by unpacking of the year 2017, this operation will be from:
Winter: From 02/01/2017 up to 12/02/2017.
Summer: From 02/07/2017 up to 12/08/2017.
The applicant is invited to provide:
A declaration accompanied by the following documents:
* copy of the extract from the commercial register or, where appropriate, the copy of the register of crafts and trades;
* The list and the quantities of goods to be sold.
* The list containing the price reductions to be applied as well as the previous prices.
These sales can relate only to goods acquired by the economic agent for three (03) months at a minimum, from the date of the beginning of the period of sold.